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Hello world! I'm an up and coming programmer and webmaster. I run, write software for the Windows platform in VB.NET and in GAMBAS for Linux, and have software featured on Softpedia. When I'm not programming or webmastering I'm usually working on something with my hands. Over the last year I've begun focusing on taking personal responsibility for my impact on the environment, learning about sustainability, and putting into practice various methods for conservation. I have worked in both the construction and electronics industry the majority of my life, I've built several cars, log cabins, and tons more stuff I can't remember. If you like the site please take the time to check out some advertisers and browse their sites. Many have great products, gadgets, and tech to offer geeks like us. Please leave some feedback if you'd like to see something new or different on the site. I'd love to hear directly from you all!

2012-01-02 12:13:37

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