How to disable the flashing LED on Sandisk Cruzer and other USB sticks

Tired of the dance floor strobe light show your Sandisk USB stick is putting on too huh? I set out searching hoping to find there would be a utility to configure or at least disable it. How cool would it be to be able to change the LED to other various pulses and patterns? (cuz that would up the cool factor like X times) But instead was only met with results where others had asked how to disable it too. So I did what any good geek does: I got out my pocket knife…

The seam of the stick is the keyhole, and a narrow edged blade to press them in is the key.

Work your way around gently pressing down then prying apart and it will open quite easily.

Remove the inner carrier and flip it over. There’s 2 very small clips to pry open. Do them one at a time and be gentle.

Once removed flip the chip over and find the LED. If you have trouble finding it, you can plug the stick in and it will nearly blind you. As you will see below they can be quite small.

You could use a piece of electrical tape, or any other non conductive material to completely cover the LED. Even a piece of  construction paper or the corner from a manilla folder would work. I chose to tint it with a sharpie marker to allow the light still to pass through, but much less, this way I can still tell if the stick is in use. So broke out the sharpie and got to work.

Snap the 4 pieces back together and marvel at how easy that just was. Perhaps easier than a configuration utility?


One Response to How to disable the flashing LED on Sandisk Cruzer and other USB sticks

  1. Instead of using a marker/tape etc on the LED you can just break the LED. Grab it with needle nose pliers and twist just slightly. Be careful not to scratch the board or hurt any other part of the board. But the LED is not necessary for any operation. I have the same drive pictured, I was about to cover it with a little piece of electrical tape, but I decided to go this route (as I have done before with LEDs and it is working great.