Ingress Agent Helper Apps

Today we’re going to look at Ingress agent helper apps that you can use to better utilize your field time. I imagine some of the tools listed here may be considered “against TOS” but you’re not likely to draw any attention from Niantic for using them. Nothing here is considered “cheating” nor will this tutorial explain anything about how to do so. These are just some of the best Ingress apps that I utilize.

Integrated Timer

First in line just for being so well integrated is Integrated Timer. With the ability to choose faction color for the timer as well as drag and drop placement this one is a gem for blending so seamlessly. Good for portal cooldown when farming as well as timing when a flip card immunity period resets.

Integrated Timer





This will help you to learn glyph meanings.








Screenshots for Ingress

Another glyph assistant or “Ingress overlay app”. This is useful for remembering glyphs on the fly. Requires root and sideloading.


Ingress Timer

Next up is Ingress Timer. This little app also keeps track of those burnout times, and lets you manage them from the notification shade. This means starting and stopping them does not require leaving the Ingress scanner app. You can create as many and any length timers as you’d like. I create individual ones for different portals, and then keep a default 5 minute and 4 hour one as well. Note the “Medication” entry in the shade shown below, and its buttons made available by expanding 2 fingers over the notification.

Screenshot_2013-08-09-14-02-52 Screenshot_2013-08-09-14-03-02 Screenshot_2013-08-09-14-03-31







Screen Standby # Root (Lite)

Next up will be a little hidden gem I’ve loved from the first time I used it: Screen Standby # Root (Lite). It requires root to get the most out of it, but there is a non-root option built in that provides similar functionality just slightly less efficiently. While this app boasts more features than we will be using, the simple service it provides with only a single of it’s options will make your field time that much easier and productive. By setting the screen backlight to 0% and waiting for a trigger from the proximity sensor you can keep Ingress running and collecting XM, while saving as much battery as possible. Another wave over the sensor and the screen lights back up ready for work.

Screenshot_2013-08-09-14-17-25 Screenshot_2013-08-09-14-17-32


To set this app up it takes nothing more than disabling all wake methods except “Use Proximity Sensor”. As an added bonus under Settings > Extra > Miscellaneous there are 2 additional options for wake-lock and wifi-lock if you’re tethering and need a way to keep your device awake.





Next up is communications. There’s a million ways to communicate with other users on Android. I required only one thing from all of them. I wanted to be able to use it without leaving the Ingress scanner app. Enter Plumble and it’s overlay key-up feature. Plumble is a Mumble VOIP client for Android. Mumble is a VOIP/chat server often used by gamers and usually associated with Ventrilo or Teamspeak. While setting up a mumble server is outside the scope of this tutorial it is by no means complicated and a nice tutorial is available over at You can run a capable server off most high speed home internet connections, or go pro and invest a few dollars a year into a VPS. The Plumble client I linked to above is available for free here. No you’re not stealing it, the person who compiled it and put it on the market just wants a few $ for doing so. They’re not the developer, and Plumble is open source available to be compiled by anyone.

Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-09-26 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-10-34 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-13-12








Ingress Intel Total Conversion

No list would be complete without IITC. Specifically the mobile version. You won’t find this on Google Play so side loading is the only option on this one. This is probably the most controversial app/plugin made for Ingress as well as the most useful. Think of it as a useful version of the Intel map on steroids.

Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-32-55 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-33-24 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-34-55 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-35-13









Now obsolete thanks to capsules Drop was for the recruiters and trainers out there. Tired of giving trainees gear 3 taps at a time? The Drop! app from requires root permissions, but once it has them, you can stop grinding your fingertip to a dull nub! After install you’ll need to enter your device tap points the first time you run it. After that it’s as simple as leaving the Ingress app running, switch to drop and choose the desired action and # of times to repeat it. Drop! will then switch back to Ingress and begin tapping away as soon as you press the Drop! button.

Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-42-02 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-48-41 Screenshot_2013-08-09-15-49-30








I would like to hear what apps other agents out there are using. Let me know in the comments below, registration isn’t even required.

4 Responses to Ingress Agent Helper Apps

  1. Avatar LadyBlaster
    LadyBlaster says:

    Hi, I am an active Ingress player, ENL level 14, I live in rio de janeiro, brazil. Nice site :) Along with my Ingress, I use the apps: Ingress Medal calculator, Agent Stats, IPST (Ingress portal submission tracker), My Teams, Ingress integrated timer, Gliph predict (only at L7 and L8 farms), Telegram for training and comunicating with other players, Glimpse and Zello for raids and large operations. I Am currently testing Slack and “Ingress AR portal viewer ” for fun photos. i don´t use IITC because I heard people got banned for doing so, but I don´t judge them, cuz the official intel is still too heavy and limited. I recommend glipher or gliph ON for every new agent. Keep hacking!

  2. Zello (walkie-talkie app) for operation voice comms, RESWUE Client is great for operations. Great! Just got Glyph Predict to try out. Agent stats I’ve just started using to track badges & such. Also Portal Calc has really nice information.
    Thanks for the article!

  3. There’s an app called Goldfish Glypher that does glyph screen shots without root on Lollipop or Marshmellow, and it’s in the play store so doesn’t require side loading. Full disclosure, I wrote it.