Map Google Drive As Network Drive With Persistence

map google drive as network drive

If you’re looking for simple instructions to map Google Drive as network drive with persistence look no further!¬†Once complete your Google Drive will be shown right along side the other drives connected to your computer.

The video above will show you how to map a drive letter to Googles’ file storage service known as “Google Drive” in Windows 7. By using the task scheduler to run the command at boot, the drive will be persistent without the need for .bat files or 3rd party software. Once complete you’ll be able to drag and drop files to and from Google Drive right inside Windows native file explorer.

3 Responses to Map Google Drive As Network Drive With Persistence

  1. Great video. Very clear instructions. Many thanks for posting. I’ve sent a page link to a great many people I know and even the beginners followed your instructions well. Thanks!!

  2. I have 2 questions:

    1. What software did you use to make this tutorial that captures the video from your computer screen and also captures your voice so you could narrate your actions?
    2. Is there any way to map a drive letter to the online storage service of Google Drive? I thought that’s what this video was going to teach me because of its title, but it turns out you are just mapping a drive letter to the LOCAL MIRROR of that online storage service. My problem is I can’t _install_ google drive locally because our online storage (we use it as a team where several people all upload to the same google drive) contains more megabytes than my hard drive can hold. What I end up doing when I want to use one of the files in Drive (and I mean the actual online storage place Drive, not a local mirror) is I have to go get the files I want and download them to my local drive, maybe in a temp directory, and THEN i can use them in whatever program I am using. What I really want to do is REFER to the far away storage as a drive letter so that within the programs I am using I can just directly grab a file directly from drive without it having to take up space on my local drive (other than in the program file, like if I stick a picture from Drive into a word document, the word document stores a _version_ of the picture.) It seems to me that what I’m dreaming of should be doable right? Because I can map a drive letter to the DVD drive of another computer on my network, so I know the data doesn’t have to be here inside my own local drives and not even in the same room. So can I?

    • The software is Camtasia. One of my favorite features is that it has a background noise cancellation feature. Really helps if your mic isn’t the best.
      Unfortunately this is as close as we can get with Google Drive as that is how they designed it to work. I agree that it would be ideal to just map the remote files, but Google thinks we’d rather keep a copy of everything on every device. I’ve since moved onto using Box.