• One device to rule them all


    MHL_1With the high hardware specs of today’s phones it only seems fitting that we begin consolidating devices. With HDMI and/or MHL on a phone all you need is a compatible monitor (or TV) and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to achieve a desktop computer experience.


    If you’re always on the go then something like a Motorola Atrix Lapdock may suit your needs better, and you guessed it, your phone is now a laptop! This device is actually quite cheap, often available for $50-$75 but there’s a reason: they’ve been discontinued by Motorola since they were acquired by Google.

    Android TV


    Most televisions are also now capable of HDMI/MHL connections so you can consolidate yet another device and still get your Netflix or Hulu on. If you make sure to get one with a high enough resolution you can even skip buying a separate monitor and use the TV instead.



    Next comes a Bluetooth amplifier for the car. For example the ACX600.5 pictured to the left is a 5 channel amp made to be controlled by and fed audio from an android device. With it’s dedicated app you can see voltage, temperature, and adjust things like gain, and frequencies. This little gem will negate the need for a head unit providing you’re willing to give up those clunky scratched up CD’s.


    We now have a desktop and a laptop, GPS, Roku, car radio, and of course a phone all in one device that is always with you. If done correctly this could be quite a money saver. Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments below.